Saturday, November 24, 2012

Full Circle

Blessings, and many thanks for the Success of this Project.

On February 28, 2012, the *Aqua Ariea and I* Project completed.

After a caring first~wave group of donors helped raise enough money to assist the Indigo~Starseed Families who were in critical need, and who had petitioned the Project directly for support, the *Aqua Ariea and I* Project was able to achieve it's hoped for Service~Oriented goal. 

Priority was given to families, and to those who had been referred to the Project directly. Over the course of 7 months, the need for financial bridging in our Community exceeded the available funds.   Priority was given to creating a template of *fair distribution*.

In order for this Project to have sustained further, a higher level of open transparency would need to be established with everyone, coupled with impeccable self~empowerment beyond the *victim~victimizer* distortion~program which is so prevalent in our current monetary system. 

This Project emerged from the Heart and was never intended to promote co~dependency or attitudes of self~entitlement and competition, it was meant to be a temporary bridge in matters of immediate urgency.

However, many who had received funds preferred to remain anonymous, due to a mixture of personal pride, their own confidentiality~codes and a desire to keep the sometimes dire nature of their dilemma private. However, clear transparency is much needed to keep levels of integrity high, while promoting honesty when handling *gift* monies.  It is not possible to promote another *wave* of donations without this.

The final installation of the *Aqua Ariea and I* funds were gifted in February, and the Project has been inactive since.

Infinite Gratitude for the Gift which keeps on Giving: 
the gift of L~O~V~E.

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