Saturday, July 23, 2011

*Guidelines for Value Exchange*

(excerpt taken from the *Aqua Ariea and I* thread within the ES comeUnity forum)

"It appears the goal is to strengthen the “new currency” template like a platform going thicker and stronger that it can grow outwards in concentric circles to support more and more people. That way if you apply the principles set forth in the requirement of mutual value exchange, it is always creating the “ win-win” exchange rather than what has been the “winner-loser” paradigm used in the distorted 3D structure.

This thread is a testament to this also – how we can create alchemy by joining forces, learning to share resources that support the many. The caveat is however that each person is accountable and responsible for self, and not a permanent drain on the entire organism. The drain clearly comes from the misuse of energy, such as ego power conflicts, deception and lies and manipulation. To be successful in this exchange, one must be weaned and “broke” of these survival behaviors that have been conditioned by the Reptilian controllers.

For now I am reposting the principles for an amplified field for this thread. Thank you so much for your loving attention and care given to this most important topic."

Love, Lisa

Here are some guidelines to remember in creating value exchanged currency in the New Energy Architecture:

• Establishing a clear value exchange in all professional and personal relationships

• Honoring all transactions you make as win-win scenarios rather than winner-loser
• Fearless with parting with currency or money in every transaction
• Developing better communication skill and dialogue for absolute clarity with exchanges and expectations
• Payment given is intentionally exchanged at full 100% value of currency transacted (do not devalue who you are paying or the service/goods you are paying for)
• Setting intention to receive currency from only those who value you and your service
• Bless and sanctify all resources you have with an appreciation for Life
• If a payment is received with negative energy or devaluation, Bless the transaction at 100% value and release the negativity cords between the parties exchanged.

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